Our Process

We will arrive at your place of business on a prearranged day in one of our tailor made vehicles all of which contain a fully equipped self-contained water supply.

All of our operatives are fully trained and insured.

  • Once the wheelie bin has been manoeuvred into position within our vehicle, the high pressure water jets blast the dirt, grease and grime.
  • The bin is lowered and a hand held lance is used to remove any remaining residue.
  • The bin is then lifted into the vehicle again to drain the excess water into the recycling system which is fully retained within the vehicle tanks. This water is recycled to minimise water usage as required by the Environment Agency.
  • The bin is dried, coated and treated with biodegradable disinfectant and biodegradable deodoriser.
  • The bin is subsequently returned to its original position.
  • We complete the process by sweeping and sanitising the wheelie bin storage room or area.